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Wendt Landscaping

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We are a local, family run business with a strong background in all aspects of home and property maintenance. Our working knowledge in landscaping,  plant material, turf management, maintenance and customer service enables Wendt Maintenance to provide a variety of services that most landscape companies can’t offer. Our 44 years of experience servicing the North Shore combined with our passion for making picturesque properties that brighten our communities makes us the perfect fit for bringing your yard into the modern era or giving it that timeless look you’ve always wanted.



Property Maintenance

Let us take care of your dirty work! From power washing patios and decks to repairing a stone walkway, Wendt Maintenance has the expertise, skill and manpower to get it done.

Lawn and Landscape

Every property requires a maintenance plan. Let us provide a program that fits your landscaping needs. Whether you need full service landscaping or just have plans to replace old shrubs and ornamental trees, Wendt Maintenance listens to you and puts your plans in motion. Our “top shelf” materials and equipment, combined with our talented and skilled work force, ensure the best results.

For Service Booking Call : 847-362-9772



Paul Fujihara

Patty and her team did the most amazing job. It far exceeded my expectations, and I thought my expectations were too high. More importantly the project was done on time and under budget. I couldn’t recommend them enough!

Patty Bonnin-Jones

When we first moved into our home, I was overwhelmed with the disastrous lawn and back yard. It was almost more than I could think about. Dale, Patty and her team made what I thought was impossible a reality. Now I spend more time outside my home than inside!